in memoriam: The Distant Fire

Trumpet and Organ, optional bass drum and suspended cymbal

A lament for trumpet and organ, watching a scene of war from a distance. The trumpet concludes with Taps.

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“in memoriam: The Distant Fire” was written for a Memorial Day service. We hear a slow lament, then the rumble and lights of far-away explosions and bugle calls. We return to the lament section, and conclude with Taps.


Note that the highest notes, starting in bar 29, are marked to be played on the 2′ Principal alone. They create a sparling, very high-pitched sound, but can almost not be heard as actual pitches. In the same way, when you play a cluster of notes at the bottom of the pedal board with only 16′ and 32′ stops pulled, it creates a rumbling oscillation, but not a clear pitch.