Jim-Along Josie

SA, piano


I have just discovered that the original song is actually a blackface minstrel song, not just a “play-party folk song” as I had thought. I am in discussions with Oxford University Press about removing it from my catalog. Here is a blog post that lays things out much better than I can. I will update this page as information develops.

An energetic, fun folk song with a partner clapping game in the play-party tradition. Your choir will ask to do it again and again! Sample and recording below.

Published by Oxford University Press

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Before TV and video games, kids (especially those who were not allowed to dance!) used to have play parties where they would play games than involved rhythmic, patterned movement (but that is not dancing!) to songs such as “Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush,” “Oats, Peas, Beans, and Barley Grow” and “London Bridge.” This is the chorus of one of those fiddle-tune songs complete with a clapping game in the middle of it. But it is not dancing. i promise.


You can do the clapping game many ways. A small group can come down front for each round and then run back up to their places, the whole group can do it, you can clap on every eighth note or on every quarter note. Be creative, have fun!


Traditional American Folk Song

Hey, Jim-along, Jim-along Josie,
Hey, Jim-along, Jim-along Joe!

Walk along, talk along, jim-along Josie,
Walk along, talk along, jim-along Joe!

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