The True Lover’s Farewell

SA(T)B, piano

Written specifically for the ranges and other needs of developing voices, this piece is perfect for your Jr. High or High School choir.

Reginald Unterseher ยท The True Lover’s Farewell, Reginald Unterseher, SA(T)B piano

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This is the old story that is told over and over in folk songs– two lovers must part. One swears to return, and makes comparisons showing how certain the return will be, even if they are ten thousand miles apart.


Each verse has it’s own attitude and color–be sure to have clear intent for each verse and deliver it with complete conviction.


Traditional English

O fare you well, I must be gone
And leave you for a while:
But wherever I go, I will return,
If I go ten thousand mile, my dear,
If I go ten thousand mile.

Ten thousand miles it is so far
To leave me here alone,
Whilst I may lie, lament and cry,
And you will not hear my moan, my dear,
And you will not hear my moan.

The crow that is so black, my dear,
Shall change his colour white;
And if ever I prove false to thee,
The day shall turn to night, my dear,
The day shall turn to night.

O don’t you see that milk-white dove
A-sitting on yonder tree,
Lamenting for her own true love,
As I lament for thee, my dear,
As I lament for thee.

The river never will run dry,
Nor the rocks melt with the sun;
And I’ll never prove false to the one I love
Till all these things be done, my dear,
Till all these things be done.