The Steady Light (unaccompanied)

SATB div., SSAA, TTBB, unaccompanied

This short piece is the perfect closer for your concert or worship service. The words are not specifically religious, but speak to themes of spirituality and legacy, honoring our place in the world and those who have gone before us. It is available in a variety of voicings and accompaniment options. Score and recordings below. Scroll down for SSAA and TTBB versions, and click here for the accompanied versions.

TTBB version from Male Ensemble Northwest

SSAA version from the 2015 “Seattle Sings!” Festival with the singers of The Mägi Ensemble, Mirinesse Women’s Choir, Con Brio Women’s Choir, and Ancora

Mixed choir version from Chor Anno


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Program Note

None of us are who we are without the people who have shown us the way, and we all show the way to those who will follow. We must choose carefully which light to follow, and which we carry. This piece is dedicated to our heroes, those people who made the choice to be the light for us.

Notes on preparation and performance

Take your time on the connection points, and allow yourselves plenty of rubato. Let each line finish, then move ahead into the next line.


-Sheila Dunlop

Let my footfall on this blessed earth tread lightly as a falling leaf.
Let my shadow from this blessed sun shut no one from the light.
Let my dance beneath these holy stars grow stronger with the years.
Let my heart expand with sky-wide love.

Those who go before
hold high the steady light
that shows me
where I am.

TTBB score and recording


SSAA score


Accompanied versions
SA or TB
Solo High
Solo Medium (piano or organ only)
Solo Low (piano or organ only)

1 thought on “The Steady Light (unaccompanied)

  1. Hello, my name is CJ and I’m a 16 year old 10th grader at Joel e. Ferris high school in Spokane Wa. I just wanted to let you know, how moving the “Steady light” is to me, and it just fabulous how much of a beautiful thing you have writen. Last year of 2014 spring, Ferris high’s “Saxon Knights” (Men’s choir) used this arrangement for a competition and got superior rating…. And I just wanted to let you know it because you have writing a wonderful price. It’s so great I printed the sheet you had avalible on your site and played around the safty box you put on the second page ( I play it all the time )
    Thank you,
    CJ Lorentz

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