Here, Bullet

Song Cycle for Tenor, Piano, and optional Mixed Chorus

Seven songs from poet Brian Turner’s book “Here, Bullet,” poems written during his service in Iraq. More information about the poet and the the book “Here, Bullet” can be found on his website.

The cycle can be performed by voice and piano alone or with chorus. In the choral version, 3. Sadiq is sung by the chorus alone, and two others (2. Ashbah and 5. Jameel) are sung with soloist, chorus, and piano. The full score contains both versions, and the choral score contains just the three songs they sing.

Also available is the third song, Sadiq, which may be performed alone by chorus.

Five of the seven songs premiered in Salem, Oregon, on Veteran’s Day, 2013. The complete cycle premiered February 23, 2014 by tenor Les Green, pianist Tara Pegasus, and the Mid-Columbia Mastersingers, Justin Raffa, Artistic Director.

Here is a score video of the last song, sung and played by the composer, followed by recordings of the complete cycle.

Full Score
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Choral Score: Ashbah, Sadiq, Jameel
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  1. I heard excerpts of this stunning piece a couple years ago. Look forward to hearing the whole thing.

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