she was dancing

SSAA, percussion

A joyful celebration of women, with percussion. The text comes from a dream image. You will want to order the choral scores for the singers and the full score plus percussion parts set. Score and instrumental demo recording below.

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This piece comes from a dream image. We see a dancing woman, alone at first,
spinning with her arms spread wide. Her children join in under the starry sky.
She begins to rise, and our eyes are drawn up, following her. Her twirling hair
becomes the spiral galaxies, and the dance becomes the movement of the stars,
all woven together. The piece is about a woman, it is about women, it is about
Woman, it is about joy.


Try putting half the percussion on one side of the singers and half on the other side. There are several places where you have different colors, articulations and textures going on at the same time–let them be different! If you can sing this without moving, I will be very sad. So will she.


she was dancing, dancing, dancing,
her children were smiling, she was dancing
her children were laughing, she was dancing
the stars, turning, her hair,
twirling, the stars turning, twirling, dancing, dancing,
her children are smiling, We are
dancing, we are dancing, her children
are laughing, We are dancing, dancing,
the stars
she was…

–Reginald Unterseher


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